Child Development Case Study

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Kathy Dawiczyk Child Development Reflection 1: Case Study “A Study In Violence” 2/21/2012 1. Don has presented a well put theory in this case study. He was able to observe the children (and their violent behavior towards on another) on numerous occasions which provides support in his theory. Yes, Don’s hypothesis is scientifically sound because his predictions are focused on reality and real-world examples. Don decides to conduct a research study based on children who watch or play violent video games at home and their behavior at school. He asks parents to participate by ovserving their children’s “free” time for two weeks. Following, Don concludes this study by the given results of which book a child chooses to borrow and connects those results with the child’s observation records. 2. Don is performing a correlation study because it implies a relationship between two variables such as; violent video games and children becoming violent. The correlation between these two factors do not imply that children who watch violent video games will become aggressive with their peers, however the relationship will help provide important information to Dons study. After observing the children for two weeks, Don performs a small experiment as he asks each child to choose a book to take home. These results will help don conclude whether or not children who play violent video games and watch violent tv shows at home tend to carry a more “aggressive” personality in their everyday lives. 3. The thought of allowing fourth graders to participate in this study has crossed m mind, and although I believe they are able to cognitively understand and participate in this study, it’s my own opinion that the result of this study would be more reliable if the fourth graders were unaware of what is being studied. The American Psychological Association [APA] has put together a
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