Child Development and Attachment Essay

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1. Describe the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth to 19. From birth to one month old, a baby will sleep for around twenty hours a day with crying being their main form of communication in order to foster early interaction. The baby will be able to focus on sources of sound and they will be able to focus their eyes as well as be able to detect smells. They will be sensitive to touch, be able to move around more and begin to have distinct facial expressions. From two to three months, a child will begin to realise that he/she is a separate person from others and can be comforted by a familiar adult such as their Mother or Father. He/she will be able to sit with support and be able to lift their head and shoulders when lying on their stomach. Communication will begin to develop using crying, cooing and grunts and they will be able to show emotional distress. From four to six months, a child will feed three to five times a day and will be able to control his/her head and arm movements. They will be able to recognise their parents and distinguish familiar people. Communication will continue to develop as a child in this age range will be able to laugh, babble and pay attention to their own name. They will also begin exploring their environment by reaching for objects and putting them in their mouth. From seven to nine months, a child is able to sit without support, will be able to crawl and will begin to walk while holding on to furniture. They will have formed an emotional attachment to their parents and may experience separation anxiety. They are able to distinguish between living and non-living objects and will be aware that an object exists when it is out of sight. From ten to twelve months, a child is able to control their legs and feet and is able to stand and walk unassisted. He/she is able to respond to simple

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