Child Development Essay

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Child Development PSYC 221-B10 Book Report Paper 02/12/2015 Child Development Introduction Educators, caregivers, pediatricians, social workers and psychologist are among professionals who deal with children in different circumstances. During childhood, children lay foundations for their lives. They commence developing their personality and acquire behaviors which will last for the rest of their lives. Consequently, it is important to ensure that children develop well so as become responsible adults. During development, children go through different stages which have to be influenced positively. Therefore, those who deal with children have to comprehend each stage. Child development is a complex issue. To explore it this paper is a book review of the book titled Child Development for Child Care and Protection Workers 2nd Edition. The book was authored by Brigid Daniel, Sally Wassell and Robbie Gilligan in 2010. It is 281 pages. Book Review The book discusses the development process of children from the early years to school years and then adolescence. Through the book, an individual is able to understand the developmental needs of every child. Moreover, an individual is able to plan for an intervention for each specific child. The attachment theory is the backbone of the book. Thus, a secure attachment is important for healthy development and for a child’s relationships. According to the book, development of a child has to be supported. Thus, each of the stages of development has its own maturation tasks which are in line with age. These developmental milestones have to be comprehended. Children access different environments like school. In school a teacher may not be able to detect problems in the child’s relationships. The teacher may not also be able to analyze the attachment pattern of the child. Nevertheless, the teacher should

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