Child Development Essay

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During the preschool years, children go through intense brain growth; with increase in both lateralization and mylanization, children in this age group greatly surpass brain development in those only a few years younger. Gross motor skills increase greatly at this age, mainly because their level of activity is at their peak. Gender differences emerge as well; boys display greater strength and activity levels, where as girls show greater coordination. Fine motor skills also develop during this age, with increasingly delicate movements being mastered through extensive practice. Language Development I asked the interviewee “How are you doing this morning?” In response to the question, the child looked up at me and said, “Good.” To continue the conversation, I asked the child a question regarding the necklace she was wearing. I said to the subject, “Where did you get that necklace?” Using past tense verbiage, and a complex sentence, the child answered my question by saying, “I got it last night at Chuck E Cheese;” the child grabbed the necklace, and pulled it forward, so I could easily view all its details. To end the conversation, I said to the child, “Wow! That’s very pretty.” Fast Mapping I set a wisk in front of the child, expecting her to not know what it was. However when I asked her what it was, she responded with “egg beater!” I was taken a little off guard, for that was going to be my fast mapping object. I told her that it was also known as a “doodle”. I noticed she repeated to the word to herself three times while intensely staring at the object. When the whole interview was complete, I came back to the object, asking her if she remembered the name. She did not remember doodle, but she did call it an “egg beater”. I think if it was an object she had not previously known the name of, she would have gotten it right. Information Processing On

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