Child Development Essay

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How different aspects of development can affect one another. Child development is often divided into different headings but all these areas interconnect and link with one another. For example developing physical skills also affect pupils’ ability to become independent, socialise and grow in confidence. Many activities develop skills in different areas. For example an activity such as cooking will develop a range of skills A child will learn everything from the people around them, family friends, peers, neighbours. There background will have an impact on their social, emotional and behaviour development, also their communication and intellectual development. It will affect how they get on in their future. A child’s culture and family’s finance can also have a affect. If a child is brought up in a loving, happy, supportive family they will have better social, emotional and behaviour skills than a child who is from a family who live in poverty with little values and no social skills, and they will probably have behaviour problem as no boundaries are set for them. Where a child lives is important for social development, if a child lives in a poor deprived area, drinking and drug taking, swearing and violence might be seen every day and will appear normal behaviour to the child. Growing up in this kind of environment will affect the child’s social emotional and behaviour development. But a housing area can also effect a child that comes from a good social standing family, say for example the child might live in a lovely big house in a good area but it could be on a very busy main road, and no play grounds or parks nearby for the child to play out and interact with other children. This could affect the child’s social and behaviour skills as they don’t know how to mix and play and share with the other children. If a child suffers a health problem, physical

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