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Child Development Essay

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  • on January 17, 2014
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Unit 1 and Unit 10

Certificate in Children and Young People Workforce.

Managing unwanted behaviour and development of feelings.

There are a number of ways to manage unwanted behaviour in children firstly it is important to observe the child and   to have insight into why there is a specific behaviour you can observe in the child. From that observation you can make conclusions. If you're observing the child, it is important to ask yourself which situations the child is showing the unwanted behaviour, what is following the behaviour for example what is the child trying to achieve. Is it purely because the child is bored or tired, or does the child need my attention? Children often don't think about the effect their behaviour has on other people, and very young children aren't yet able to empathise with others. As soon as a child is able to speak it is vital to ask the child what is wrong? Why are you doing this? As a result this will help the child to develop the skill of self-observation and self-expression. It’s essential to act once you know why your child is behaving in a certain, unwanted manner then you can address their reasons in an appropriate way for example, explain to the child how their behaviour impacts you and others, how it makes you and others feel and why you and others don't want to feel this way. This will help the child to develop consideration for others. If the child is very young and can't yet empathise ask clearly how they themselves would feel if you showed their behaviour towards them, this will help the child to develop empathy. Also it is best to tell the child they can communicate their needs in a more direct and less stressful way. Some behaviour can't be corrected using direct discipline strategies, because behaviour can be expression of the child's personality. Since punishment would be immoral and dishonest in cases like this, you can only try to encourage a complete change by using positive...

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