Child Development Essay

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Why study Children • Children are valued in today’s society. • To understand how they think and learn. • To identify normal and abnormal behaviour. • To answer questions or assumptions about them. • To provide for them and meet their developmental needs. • To ensure that they grow into responsible adults and find their places in society. • They are given to us by God - as stewards we must be faithful. • To successfully perpetuate the human race. • To improve the lives of today’s children. • To identify best practices in parental training. Historical Views of Childhood • Historian Philippe Aries (1962) concluded that prior to 16th century children were miniature adults. (he looked at paintings) • European society did not give any special status to children he concluded but others said that he looked primarily at aristocrats. • The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans held rich views of children’s development. Historical views- 3 Influential views • Original sin view:- during the middle ages Children were born bad, so the goal of child rearing was to remove sin from the child’s life. • Tabula rasa view:- By the end of the 17th century, John Locke said that children were born blank slates:- parents must shape them. • Innate goodness view:- in the 18th century, children were born basically good, parents were to allow them to grow naturally with little monitoring. Current Western View • Childhood is a highly eventful and unique period of life that lays an important foundation for the adult years. • There are distinct periods in childhood in which children master skills and tasks to prepare them for adulthood. • We protect children from the responsibilities of adult hood through strict child labour laws. (the rights of the child). What is Development • It is the

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