Child Development Essay

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Once a child is born through the concept of the human egg and sperm meeting they fuse into a zygote, the one cell then becomes a human life. The child then enters an environment where the parents are the sole means of survival and interaction with the world. As a result, parent practices are considered to have a strong effect on children’s development. Burr (cited in Clairborne and Drewery, 2010) identifies, how we think, speak, and act. Have a major impact on how young children will behave in society. The main focus of this essay is about child rearing and how parents play a vital role of how much influence they have on their child’s or children’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. The social relationship a child has with their parents will directly connect with their relationships and social behaviour they will encounter, as they make their journey through life. As a result, the attachment a child has with their immediate connections is paramount to their social development. Ainsworth (cited in Wittmer and Petersen, 2010) has classified three main forms of attachments that a child has with his or her parents, “secure attachment, anxious-ambivalent attachment and anxious-avoidant attachment” (p 120). The first part of attachment is a child who is upset when the parent leaves and is happy again when the parent returns. The second part is a child who has a characteristic where they show no signs of being upset when the parent comes or goes. The last part is when the parent leaves and will return to the child. However, the child will resist and become hard to comfort. Berk (2006) whose recent research has acknowledged how a child who has a secure relationship with his or her parents can be found to have a more, high self-confidence, social competence, and empathy. This sits well for attachment relationships the child forms as a

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