Child Development Essay

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Child development is a physical, intellectual, social and emotional change that occurs from birth to youth. A child begins to acquire the use of language and develop further by primarily expressing a meaning by combining different sounds together. As Dr. Erika Hoff states, “Children whose families differ in socioeconomic status differ in their rates of productive vocabulary development because they have different language-learning experiences” (Hoff, 2003). This strongly approves to the hypothesis of this research paper that the environment plays a vital role in influencing a child’s speech development. Moreover, projecting communication as a vital necessity to a child and avoiding anticipating their needs at once creates a positive speech environment and encourages them to put an effort to communicate. Additionally, by showing enthusiasm to what a child has to say and encouraging them at every attempt they try to form words boosts up their motivation level, and it reduces the frustration they build up inside of themselves. Furthermore, it influences the child in a constructive manner when the entire family is involved in improving the child’s speech development, which adds up to the positivity of their surrounding (Bartlett, 2008). Also, auxiliary optimistic environment could be constructed with parents deepening the bond with their child for reinforcement of their speech and language by using everyday situation, such as pointing out objects around their surroundings, reading books and singing songs to them on a daily routine beginning at infancy; as well as speaking directly and clearly to the child and giving them time to respond also enhances their speech capability (Tobin, 2005). Other than that, turning off the television elevates the learning atmosphere as that will not improve the child's expressive or receptive language skills; for that, the child needs

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