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Child Development Paper Early childhood is comprised of years two thru six. This period is marked by vast growth, learning, and change physically, socially and cognitively. The child seems to take a clear personality and is more active and autonomous. The show that I choose to pick a famous character from was the Rugrats. The show was made popular in the early 1990’s.The character I’ve chosen is Angelica Charlotte Pickles, who is depicted at age 3. She is commonly known for having blonde hair with 2 pig-tails; wearing a red-and-black-striped shirt with flared cuffs; purple jumper (a midriff-type skirt); blue tights with green dots; red socks; purple sneakers. Her first appearance on the show was in 1991 at Tommy (her little cousin) birthday. Angelica is voiced by Cheryl Chase. Angelica is Drew and Charlotte's spoiled-brat daughter who always torments the other Rugrats. Often using her doll, Cynthia (parody to a Barbie doll) as an accomplice, Angelica often gets away with everything. If she does get caught, her parents often let Angelica go unpunished, though Stu and Didi (Tommy’s and Dil’s parents) often punish her when she's at Tommy's. She usually uses the Rugrats for personal gain and when they don’t follow what she tells them, she calls them “dumb babies”. Ten years from now on the sequel to the show Angelica’s character is basically the same. She’s bossier than ever and still kind of controls the other Rugrats. Her outfit of choice is similar to her younger character. She wears a purple shirt (long sleeved) a polka dot skirt, green earrings and purple clog shoes. Angelica does not really go through the first stage of Erik Erikson’s phases on television because she starts at the age of three. So she does not really bypass the trust verses mistrust part about his theories but we as an audience at large are not really able to see it. But we are able to get a

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