Child Development Essay

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Childhood Development Sjockia Johnson Psy 304 Lifespan Development Matthew Hubbs March 1, 2012 Social economic status is an important factor in child development. Social economic status is refered to the grouping of people with similar characteristics. The key issue socioeconomic disadvantage to child development is education. Recent research reports that presistent poverty has more deterimetal effects on IQ and school achievement (McLoyd, 2011). This effect of socioeconomic disadvantage begainnings prior to birth and continuing into adulthood. However there are other factors to childhood development which are phsical, cognitive, emotional, and social changes. The early years of life are a period where there is rapid growth that is vulnerabile to harm. The health development of these other factors can be negative influenced by family and social environment. The primary physical change experenced during the transition from early childhood to middle and late adolescences is prepubscent. Prepubescent occurs when the secondary sexual characterisics appears ( Girls will notice development of breast buds, and during this stage most mothers will introduce training bras, pubic hairs and hairs on the leg will appear, and some girls will begain shaving, and the begainning of menstrual period. Boys will also notice pubic hairs; penis will lengthen, and the most noticable is voice change. The next childhood development change is cognitive. Cognitive development refers to the abitity to think and reason. The key cognitive change during development understands abstract ideas, being able to make and understand complex decisions. Establishing and maintaining relationships is another change. Most children will begain to branch out from relationships where the parents or other family members are involved. Last but not least the development and practice

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