Child Development Essay

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CHILD DEVELOPMENT LEVEL 6 CHILD OBSERVATION AIM: The aim of this assignment is to understand child development and the importance of it and why obervation is used. Parents and childcare staff play a huge part in a child’s life and this assignment will demonstrate the importance of an adults role and communication betweeen parent and staff. EFFECTIVE PROMOTION OF CONCEPTS There are alot of concepts and debates in child development such as nature v’s nuture, early v’s later experience, normative development. Normal development refers to a child’s developing skills such as, Gross and Fine motor skills, language and thinking skills and social interaction, all of which are essentical in a child’s life. ‘Development does not mean just getting something out of a child’s mind; development is manifested through lived experience’.( Dewey 1981) Child development is a process every child goes through. This process involves learning and mastering skills like sitting,walking,tying shoes. Children learn these skills,called ‘developmental milestones’ during certain time periods. For example, one developmental milestone is learning to walk. Most children learn this skill between the ages of nine and fifteen months. Each child is unique and will develop at his or her own pace. Piaget believed that children are biologically pre-programmed to pass through the stages of development. Child development is important to help get inside a child’s mind to help get to know them. Understanding a child’s development will help get to know what will make an impact in a child life. OBSERVATIONS Different methods of observation is undouthably important. Different types helps to see children’s individual

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