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Melissa Nazarian Child Development 135 10-11-11 Early Childhood Observation This observation is about a girl named Celina, she is six years old with beautiful long blonde curly hair and blue eyes and she is my neighbor. However , she is in her preoperational stage. Most of her games consists of very advanced make believe plays. She however does some signs of early logical operations in her behavior, her language and the way she responded to the Piaget experiences. When I walked in the house to start Observing her early afternoon , her cousin Mary was sitting down with Celina with two cardboards and forty little pink cut squares. Mary glued half of them next to each other without spacing them . Then she glued the other half with spaces. She asked Celina look at these cardboards , do you think these cardboards have the same amount of squares or not ? I looked at Celina while she carefully looked at both and responded that the first spacing contains more than the second one . However , before waiting for her cousins reaction she started counting, while counting she was moving her fingers along the rows , even though space one was a little harder for her to count, after counting it two times she quickly understood that both have the same amount of squares even with the spacing’s. Throughout this process I realized her cousin made a self -correcting experiment for Celina to see her intelligence in cognitive growth . This really interested me because her cousin took her time to make different developmental games for her that are fun and also make her use her cognitive skills and small motor skills, and one of the things that I was aware of , was Celina did not think of this as a learning experience or feel like she was forced . Celina was sitting there enjoying the

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