Child Of The Dark Essay

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Child of the Dark, most of the favelados are equally poor and powerless. Everyone in the favela have jobs that give them enough money for one day of food. Each day they work but only get enough to feed their family. Carolina is a paper collector and from what she writes, she makes enough to feed her children and sometimes doesn’t get enough so they have to go hungry. There are times when the children will just find something from a garbage can and eat it because they have nothing else to eat. Outside of the favelas are the rich people and they ignore the poor, they don’t interact or have anything to do with them. The rich obviously have a better standard of living but their not in the favelas. Carolina describes herself being poor. The one thing that distinguishes her from the other poor people is that she can read and write. She writes her diary and soon publishes it. From what Carolina says it seems like she is intellectually further than others in favela. She knows she is poor but she is not discouraged by that. She still holds strong in her character and her values. Other favelados drink and bum around because they think their life is over and that there is nothing else to strive for in life but Carolina didn’t think that way. Living conditions in the favela are horrible. Electricity is a problem, getting water, earning money to get food, and keeping clean. There are so many other things that favelados faced but the main things were this. Carolina would say in her diary that she didn’t like being dirty and looking dirty but she had no choice but to look it. Collecting papers would get her dirty and she hated it. The favelados standard of living was the same but their way of thinking and dealing with it was different. Carolina was very independent. When she was done working she would come home and write and do things by herself while others in the favelas

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