Child Care Protection Essay

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Legal requirements Register the event with OFSTED England and Wales Normally you are required to register with OFSTED any club involving under-8s which occurs more than five times a year on premises other than domestic premises where the period (or total of periods) in any day during which the children are looked after on the premises exceeds two hours. Even if your club does not fit these criteria, it is good practice to inform OFSTED in writing of your holiday club, so they can keep track of what is happening in their area. Your regional office may give you exemption from registering your event with them if you can prove that you are not primarily providing day care. However, never assume exemption; your local OFSTED office will make the decision. Even if you do not need to register your club, it is still good practice to follow the requirements specified by the Children Act 1989. Day care providers need to meet the 14 National Standards which include looking at the physical environment, safety, health, special needs, behaviour and child protection. For more details visit Scotland Seek advice from your local social work office about registering your holiday club group. Most social work offices have a community worker who can help when it comes to advice about legislation and procedures. Northern Ireland Seek advice from your local DHSS about registering your holiday club group. Most Social Services offices will have a Social Services Early Years Team. They will help with advice about legislation and procedures. The Early Years Teams have a statutory responsibility for the registration and inspection of all day care services for children from birth to 12 years under the Children (NI) Order 1995. Adult-to-child ratios The OFSTED recommended adult-to-child ratios are given below. Please note these are minimum requirements and you

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