Child Care Level 3 Unit 6 E4 Essay

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E3-E4 Provide information about a range of factors which may affect children’s health and well-being at differing times in their lives Include evidence of the effects of these factors on children’s health There are many factors that affect children’s health these can be social, psychological and physical factors. Neglect is when a parent or carer of a child does not care or provide for a child adequately. When looking after children physical, emotional and educational well-being must be paramount. Neglect also occurs when the parent or carer does not seek the correct medical attention that the child needs this could seriously affect the child’s health and when children are not provided with sufficient food, shelter or clothing. Emotional needs of children need to be met ‘neglect can occur when parents abandon the child, or simply have no time to spend with the child, in essence leaving the child to raise himself’ ( see appendix …. Neglect can affect the child’s development. An example of how neglect can affect a child’s health is poor nutrition, if the correct nutrients are not are not available to children the child’s growth development will not follow the normal pattern and developmental stages will be delayed. ‘Common physical and psychological reactions to neglect include stunted growth, chronic medical problems, inadequate bone and muscle growth, and lack of neurological development that negatively affects normal brain functioning and information processing.’ ( see appendix …. This negativity affecting the brain can make processing problems difficult for the child understand social relationships or harder for the child to complete academic tasks without assistance or intervention from others. Lack of medical care and attention may result

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