Child Care Level 2 Essay

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D1 Select FOUR (4) aspects of professional practice * Non-judgemental approaches to practice * Good time keeping and attendance * Attitude to work * Understanding to children’s behaviour D2 Identify why each selected aspect of professional practice is essential when working in an early years setting * Non-judgemental approaches to practice A non-judgemental approach means you should treat people fair and not stereotype people “stereotyping is a label for a person or a group of people based on assumptions made about them” Taussin.p. Page 284 because it can make people feel ignored worthless, angry and frustrated. In the early years setting you should treat all children the same no matter what culture and race they are you should always treat them equally. * Good time keeping and attendance Good time keeping and attendance is very important because it shows people that you are trust worthy so many people rely on you to be carrying out your responsibilities - this includes the team, the parents and the children. Timekeeping and attendance is extremely important in an Early Years setting, for both the children and the members of staff. Without these children with poor timekeeping skills and a low school attendance rate are at a disadvantage later in life. You can help children by setting a good example the parent and the staff could encourage this by getting the children there before they start. You should encourage excellent attendance and punctuality by making sure that the child arrives in school promptly. * Attitude to work Your Attitude in the workplace can be one of the most if not the most telling aspect of how others in the company look at you and feel about you as a co-worker. A first impression can be a hard thing to shake especially if it's a bad one. In other words, once you have gotten a workplace

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