Child Care Evacuation Plan Essay

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Of all of the possible disasters, fire is probably the most alarming to everyone in a daycare center. Evacuation is the highest priority. Only after everyone is safely out of the daycare center should extinguishing small fires be considered. There should be a definite plan in place in order for everyone to be safe. Call 9-1-1 to report the fire. Everyone shall meet at the proper meeting point. Roll call shall be taken at the meeting point to ensure all are safely evacuated. All staff will know where the extinguishers are located and how to use them. Staff should be taught to only extinguish trashcan-sized or smaller fires and to never put oneself in danger. Staff and children will be directed to an evacuation site outside the immediate area. Before leaving the daycare administration staff needs to take attendance to ensure that no one is left behind. Put your plan into action and post emergency numbers by the telephone. It helps to teach the older children to phone 9-1-1 in case you cannot do so or for them so seek help from other teachers or staff. Make sure staff knows how and when to shut off all utilities this could make the evacuation faster and safer. It is very important to stock emergency supplies and a disaster supplies kit. It would be of great help for all staff to attend First-Aid and CPR classes. Find two ways out of each room in the facility in case of entrapment. Find safe spots in your daycare center for each type of emergency, this will ensure safety no matter what the crisis. Practice and maintain your plan it also helps to review your plan every six months or whenever you have a new staff person come on board. Review your plan with parents when new children are brought to your daycare, this will also help alleviate parent anxiety over a crisis. Conduct fire and emergency drills at least every month this helps children not be so afraid when and
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