Child Care Center Vs Inhome Care

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In-home based childcare Vs. Center based Childcare Catherine Hardison Eng. Comp 121 Professor Martin The majority of adults have children at some point in their lives. Having a child comes with numerous decisions that need made. One of the larger decisions that parents face is where they want their child to go to for childcare when they return to work. Most places provide two major options: in-home childcare and a daycare center. Several things need to be looked at when making this decision on where to take your child. The most important considerations are c reliability, cost, flexibility, safety, and the socialization process the child will go through given your chosen facility. Both options have pros and cons but it is up to the parents to deliberate out each choice and decide which one will better suit their child and their needs. During these tough economic times, everyone is looking for ways to cut back on their spending. A huge monthly expense is daycare. Childcare ranges anywhere from $400/per year to $650/per year. When examining the rate an in-home daycare provider charges, the amount is considerably less when compared to that of a daycare center. The difference is usually around twelve dollars a week. One can easily save over $48.00 a month when choosing an in-home daycare facility (2002 © -County of Orange, California (para.3). This gives parents a little breathing room in their monthly budget and allows them to spend their hard-earned money on other things. A daycare center is a business with several employees and a guarantee that the center will be open on the days they say they will be open. Being one-hundred percent reliable is very beneficial because parents avoid having to find last minute, alternative childcare or staying at home and missing work because their daycare provider called in sick. In-home childcare is also a business but

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