Child Care Essay

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All children will develop at different rates and in different ways, the sequence will develop because you have to develop one skill to develop another for example you have to walk before you can run this is because they have to develop the stronger muscles before they are able to run. Development is broken down in to a time line for example most toddlers will be walking by 18months, however in some cases this doesn’t happen and some children it could take a lot longer or even walking before there first birthday. It does depend on the child ability and muscles have development correct and strongly. As development is more rapid in early years the milestones start at being quite close together before becoming further apart as babies becomes children and then into a young adult for example 0-18months there is more physical development then there is communication because they are development their growth, however sometimes it could be the other way around due some babies cannot development some physical development for example if they are a baby that cannot be able to use their legs, there communication could come first before physical, because its being push more by the parent/carer and the baby it self. Explain why understanding the difference between the sequence and rate of development is important. The sequence of child development is common amongst most children but what often changes is the rate in which they develop. Therefore it is important that we monitor this in order to put in place with different methods to help them need in order for their development to progress in whichever phase of their learning they are struggling in It is important to know the different between the sequence and the rate of development most parents/carer will see if there child is not developing at the stage of another child this is because most people will think

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