Child Care Essay

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Editor The Courier 110 Creswick road PO Box 21 Ballarat Victoria 3350 Phon: 0353201200 Sadly TAFE Course Cut As an International student have living in Ballarat and learning in SMB campus. I am very concerned about the TAFE course cut. It was a big shock for TAFE students in the University of Ballarat. The list of course cut up to 60. Many students would find it expensive to enrollment for the course. Some staff will lose their job. Other staff will have their hours reduced. I know some teachers who have just started a job and bought a house, they may lose everything. Why cut TAFE funding? It’s so unfair. It is good option for international students, as me and my friends. It is help us to improve speaking and writing English. I have a new life and a new friend, so difference from my country. It is the place for learning to help people to get a job and skills such as Building, Mechanic. In TAFE we can chose the short course as hospitality and get a job to support family. The TAFE course helps new Citizens find a job in Ballarat. The money helps the local economy. This is much better than going to Centre link for money to survive. On Thursday 24 of May at 12:30pm about 300 students of TAFE a met in front of the Brewery Building to protest to Government cuts the funding. Some teachers and students addressed the gathering how the cuts will directly affect their lives. I call on the Government to reconsider their decision of TAFE funding cuts because of the effect they would have on the students and staff of the University of

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