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A Child Called It If you like books based on a true story, you would love the book A Child Called It. It is based on a true story about a boy named David Pelzer. It is all about what he went through as a child. It is a very graphic book, but has a very good story behind it. Throughout the reading you will wonder how someone could treat their child the way he is treated and gives you a different perspective on child abuse. You feel sorry for him and disappointed at his mother’s parenting skills. Throughout the book David is abused by his mother. He is stabbed, starved to death, and even locked in a bathroom with just the smell of ammonia. There was times when David thought he would never make it and that he was going to die, because of all the things his mother was doing to him. His mom puts his arm over a stove trying to burn him. David does everything he can to try and save himself. He steals kids lunch’s at school and steals from a store. When home he’s left with his brothers left overs or even nothing at all. When he stole from kids at school and was caught they would call his mom and tell here. When he got home she would have a punishment waiting for him and he never knew what it was going to be. Throughout the book he makes multiple attempts to get help, but nothing seemed to work. When teachers approached him about his bruises he was forced to lie about how he got them or he would be beat more. He did have one teacher that he talked to and ended up telling. She did not say anything to his mother, but did inform the police and other faculty. David just had to stick it out till they could find a way to help him out. I feel as though child abuse is a horrible thing. You should never treat your child like David is treated in this book. There are many children out there that are probably treated like this and it is unacceptable. If you’re going to treat your

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