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Child Behavior Observation Essay

  • Submitted by: brittnic92
  • on October 25, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Diary Entry #1
: Age 4 months
At her home
October 20, 2010
2:37pm to 4:31pm

I arrived at Kaylynn’s house at approximately 2:37 pm to find her jumping and playing in her Jumperoo seat.   Kaylynn noticed my arrival and smiled when I walked in the door.   However, she realized that as soon as she stopped moving and bouncing, the music that this chair plays stops.   I was quickly forgotten and she returned to jumping and bouncing so the music would play again.
Kaylynn has changed so much in only a few weeks.   The last time I was with her was a few weeks ago when I was talking with her mom, Amy and her dad, Tim gathering information for her introduction.   Just a few weeks ago she was barely reaching for toys nor was she engaged for long periods of time with anything.   Today Kaylnn is reaching out to all different activity areas that are attached to the Jumperoo chair, and smiles continually. I do think that I even heard her giggle when the music started.  
After a short while it was tummy time.   Amy puts a blanket on the floor with toys on it and puts Kaylynn down on her tummy and encourages her to stretch and scoot and reach and roll.   Amy said that she has been doing this with Kaylynn since she was just a few weeks old.   Today, as she is lying on the floor for her tummy time, she is trying desperately to roll over onto her back; despite many attempts she just can’t get there today.   Kaylynn lays on her tummy and kicks her feet trying so hard to get somewhere, anywhere, just move.   She does not seem to get frustrated but that could be because Amy sits in the room encouraging her to continue to kick and try to make it over to where Amy is sitting. Amy has put a bunny on the blanket that laughs, every time the bunny laughs, Kaylynn giggles, it is an addicting giggle and hard not to laugh with her.   Amy says that Kaylynn likes any toy that plays music, sings, talks or makes funny noises.   Kaylynn is quite alert, she seems to be taking a lot in, she is intrigued...

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