Child Behavior from Single Parenting

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David Park Summary on Fatherless America Fatherless America by David Blankenhorn is an effort to have the society recognize what Blankenhorn calls it the “most urgent social problem” confronting America, “fatherlessness.” Blankenhorn’s main thesis is that America has lost not just the physical presence of a father in the home, but more importantly, has lost “fatherhood” or the definition, the traits in which makes true fatherhood. Giving a historical outline of what has lead to this present day catastrophe, he makes two conclusions as to why it occurred: “First, industrialization and the modern economy led to the physical separation of home and work.” The point here is that the changing structure of the economy towards a more industrialized, competitive nature forced the fathers outside of the home and away from the children. Second, was the “steady feminization of the domestic sphere.” This is saying that the general people’s attitude of what is “important” for the child and what the roles of the “mother” and the “father” changed after the forceful displacement of the fathers outside of the home. Blankenhorn reminds the readers that back in colonial times, the father’s were the “primary, irreplaceable caregivers,” but the with the changing environment of the 19th and 20th century, a belief that women had “special capacities to care for children and to create a secure moral ethos for family life” versus the men who just “dominated the outside world” has begun to dominate the minds of today. In summary, two factors were the cause of the current fatherless America: Structural changes of lifestyles (external) and the emergence of this “new philosophy.” (Internal) Even if fatherlessness is an evident reality in today’s culture, is it necessarily bad? Ultimately, if this fact is not harming the society, why should anyone be concerned?
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