Child Behavior Essay

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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Case Study Alex is in Year 2 and he is 6 years old. His family has recently arrived from Bosnia and he is picking up English fast, although he does not always understand full sentences. Alex is a very popular amongst boys in his class and a number of them want to be his friend. He is very good at sports and can make others laugh with his ‘clowning’ behavior; such as making silly voices, impersonating others and making silly faces. Initially his behavior was considered adorable by even the class teacher and he has quickly become a class favorite. However, Alex’s behavior is now getting out of hand. He does not want to settle down to work and disturbs other children from their work. Often, his remarks will make the whole class laugh and this seems to encourage him more. Recently he has started clowning in assemblies and he is also becoming quite rude to adults. He has started using swear words too Introduction Fundamentally, human behavior has varied dimensions. It is dynamic, complex, and varies from one individual to another. From a theoretical point of view, human behavior is shaped by various factors that range from cultural and environmental to genetic and social. Jointly, these define a person’s behavior and determine the type of mannerisms an individual adopts. Thus, behavior has direct impacts on the socialization capability of an individual. Negative behavior compromises the ability of an individual to relate well with others and vice versa. This paper provides a review of the above case study in light of the behaviorist theory. From the case study, Alex, who is in year two at a local primary school, is faced with various behavioral challenges. To enhance coherence, the paper begins by defining the concept of behavior. It then underscores the causes of Alex’s behavior from

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