Child Beauty Pageants Essay

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Are Child Beauty Pageants Harmful for Their Participants? Are child beauty pageants harmful for their participants? The child beauty pageant contest was introduced in America back in 1920’s by the hotel owner who wanted his tourists to stay in town longer. Nowadays, child beauty pageants are one of the fastest growing businesses in America, with a profit of more than five billion dollars annually (Nussbaum, 2000). However, once beauty pageants were introduced to the world, public opinion about them instantly split into two opponent sides (Nussbaum, 2000). On one side of the issue there are those, who purely support child beauty pageants and believe in their benefits. On the other side, those who consider them as harmful for the participants and even seek to ban them. Proponents of child beauty pageants state that these pageants not only make children beautiful outside, awarding with costly prizes, but also are crucial in future development of a child as a person. They believe that every child deserves to feel beautiful and beauty pageants are merely another way of making them feel comfortable and pretty in their skin. What is most important, child beauty pageants help to develop social skills, increase self-esteem and desire to win (Morgan, 2012). In addition for that, pageant winners receive luxury prizes from trophies and crowns to college scholarships. For instance, Jayleigh, a beauty pageant contestant, who won pageant and earned $1800 which is the great contribution in covering her college tuition in future, as well as she has already attracted attention and is getting ready to sign a modeling contract (Murphy, 2012). Thus, reasons why some advocate on the benefits of child beauty pageants are indeed strong and worthy to be taken into consideration. It is not too difficult to see why one would be a proponent of child beauty pageants. Undoubtedly,

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