Child Beauty Pageants Essay

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Child Beauty Pageants Should Be Banned When you were younger, you probably played dress up, for fun and games. Well, some irresponsible mothers in the United States are taking the concept of dressing up and turning it up several levels, and transforming their children into replicas Barbie dolls. The young pageant model is adorned with fake tans, hair extensions, 50 layers of make-up and fake teeth. After being put in extravagant, often inappropriate costumes, being fed health derogatory substances such as sugar packets and mixtures of high-energy drinks that even children twice their ages don’t even drink and performing tantrums of her reluctance to do her pageant, the juvenile Prima Donna is ready to go. Plastering on an over-exercised smile, the six year old walks on stage, cheered on by the joyful screams of her most-likely overweight mother. Soon afterwards, the young girl waits anxiously, hoping she has won the crown this time. When the name is announced, the winner prances on the stage where a plastic crown is placed on her head, and she clutches her trophy, plastering a fake-looking smile on her face as her mother screams louder than ever, ecstatic that her little star has shined (Or is it because she's won her a few thousand dollars?), and they go home, and beginning to practice for yet another pageant. This is the poisonous cycle of Child Beauty Pageants, a practice that has being going on since the 1920s.Children should be playing, not caking on make-up to look like a perfect Barbie doll. We need to stop the shameful sexualisation of children. We don't need to encourage paedophilia. We need to educate children that there is more to life than looks, we shouldn't be raising a generation of self-obsessed and vain people. We need to stop poisoning children with incredibly unhealthy and dangerous substances. It's time for child beauty pageants to stop now.

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