Child and Young Person Development Nvq Level 2

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Child and young persons development. 1.1 These are the expected patterns of children’s development from 0-19. Although children develop at different stages they all follow a similar patten. 0-1 years old. Physical development. Children’s physical development usually develops firstly by being able to hold their own heads without an adult supporting them and move their arms and legs vigorously. These are the very first stages a baby will physically develop. They will then go on to turn to bright lights and grasp their hands to an adults finger. Shortly after they will start to roll, sit up without any adults or objects supporting them. They will be able to hold toys for longer and put objects in their mouths, this is how they explore the objects. Before babies start to crawl they usually follow the same pattern and move backwards before being able to move forward. Not all babies will crawl some will bum shuffle or bare walk. Babies at around this mile stone will also be able to point to objects and deliberately throw objects. From the age of around 9 months babies will stand by themselves and move around the room by holding on to the furniture and eventually walk without being assisted. Communication and intellectual development. The pattern that babies intellectually developer and communicate if firstly by crying when they need something such as feeding or they in pain. They will learn to coo and turn their heads to the direction of the sound. Babies will stare at their carers without blinking and copy the mouth movements. Babies will kick their legs and arms vigorously to show excitement, they will be able to laugh, and make around 5 different sounds. Social, emotional and behavioural development. To reach this mile stone babies should be able to respond to an adult by smiling,they will be able to show excitement and as they get older they are

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