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Child and Young Person Development Essay

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  • on November 10, 2013
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Unit 1
  Child And Young Person Development   1.1
Physical Development   0-19 Years
0-3 -   When babies are first born they have very little control, with their movements limited to reflexes such as grasping and sucking. By 12 months babies have more control and mobility and start to crawl or roll. Into year 2 most babies will begin to try to walk, and more control of their movements means they are able to use their hands for holding small objects or point and feed themselves. Standing and walking becomes easier and lead to climbing or play with ball.
By the third year they will be starting to walk and run, use cups and feed themselves. At this stage children will have more control over a pen or pencil.

3-7 – Children are now able to carry out more coordinated movements and will be growing in confidence. They will be refining their skills developed so far and have more control over their fine motor skills like cutting and drawing. Running, jumping and hopping also become easier.

7-12 – Children will continue to grow develop, refining many of their skills. They will be able to make controlled finer movements and may take up hobbies or interests such as playing an instrument. Girls will start to show some early signs of puberty around the age of 10 or 11. Puberty in boys usually starts later when there will be another rapid physical growth.

12-16 – By this stage of development young people will become much stronger. Girls will have completed puberty and boys will be just starting the process. As a result, between these ages there can be a great variety in height and strength. By age 16 most boys will be taller than most girls.

16-19 – By this stage young people become adults, although many girls may have reached physical maturity, boys continue to grow and change into their 20's.

Communication And Intellectual Development   1.1
0-3 – From birth, adults will attempt to communicate with babies. This is important for babies to be stimulated and have...

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