Child Abuse in Idaho Essay

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Child Abuse in Idaho On July 24. 2009, Robert Manwill, a five year old boy from Boise, was reported missing from the apartment complex where he was visiting his mother. This launched a massive search of more than 2200 volunteers one of the largest searches in the Boise’s history. Police reports state, “Robert may have been a victim of a tragic event.” That night investigators dig up the back yard of a nearby home. Three days after the boy goes missing his family-including his mom Melissa Jenkins and her boyfriend- attend a press conference calling to the public for help in finding little Robert. A boy’s body was found in the New York canal 11 days after Robert Manwill was reported missing. DNA results later identified the body that was found to be that of little Robert Manwill. As the story behind Robert’s death unfolded, his own mother and her boyfriend were indicted by a grand jury on charges of first degree murder in connection with Robert’s death. Child abuse refers to the emotional, sexual, and physical maltreatment or neglect of children. In Idaho, child abuse occurs in a child's home, school, organizations, and communities that a child interacts with on a regular basis. The statistics released by the state government reveals that the cases of child abuse in Idaho have increased over the last three years. Almost 40% of children are involved in child abuse cases, in Idaho where one out of ten is a victim of violence on five or more occasions in a year (Rix 213). According to Davies (29), one in every ten children, in America is assaulted by a family member in a year. 80% of young adults who were abused as children have reported cases of anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and suicide attempts among others. In Idaho, there are more than 638 victims of child abuse who seek refugee from the community-based organizations (Rix 74). The data

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