Child Abuse and Overall Adult Functioning Essay

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Child Abuse and Overall Adult Functioning According to the Encyclopedia of Social Work (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008), in the western European tradition, concerns about child protection focused more on children who were orphans rather than on their abuse (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). In the mid to late1800’s, agencies were established to protect children from harm (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). Later public and private funds supported these agencies within the framework of state laws and local regulations prohibiting the maltreatment of children (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). There were no federal laws that existed to implement national standards throughout the United States until 1974 (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). Child abuse in the United States as defined by the Encyclopedia of Social Work has three major forms (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). The forms of abuse or neglect are physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). It also defines child abuse and neglect by the abuse being perpetrated by a parent or caretaker (Davis & Mizrahi, 2008). Child abuse is defined in various ways by different authorities. Thus there appears to be no universally accepted definition of what constitutes child abuse (Chitereka, 2009). The definitions derive mainly from research in which investigators attempted to formulate specific, operational definitions, that are not broad enough to include a wide range of abusive and potentially abusive incidents (Chitereka, 2009). It has been argued that it is essential that the definition of child abuse be understood within the concept of the culture in which it is being studied (Segal, 1995). Nonetheless, definitions of child abuse often describe physical, emotional, or sexual abuse to a child (Chitereka, 2009). Therefore child abuse can be viewed as when a person causes or threatens to cause physical or mental harm

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