Child Abuse and Neglect

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“Child Abuse/Neglect” Jami Concepcion Everest Phoenix College CJE 1600 Criminal Investigation Professor Gagner 06/05/13 * What are the benefits of a joint effort between police and social services when investigating child physical or sexual abuse? When child abuse is reported, investigators may initiate an investigation on their own, or they may investigate jointly with social services (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). A police officer make take a child into temporary custody without a warrant if there is an emergency or the police officer believes the child is in great danger (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Multidisciplinary team (MDT) consists of professional who work together to ensure an effective response to reports of child abuse and neglect; coordinating responses can also minimize the likelihood of conflicts between agencies with different philosophies and mandates (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Child protection services offer families services as well as remove children from abusive homes whereas law enforcement collect evidence interview and incarcerate the victims parent or legal guardian. Joint investigations normally result in more victim corroborations and the perpetrator confessions than an independent investigation would (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). Also the victims and families receive support and assistance when have been exposed to child abuse or neglect (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). A social service person can also help the investigators interview the child because they are professional and have more formal training and experience in interviewing children at their level and may therefore be better able to establish rapport (Orthmann & Hess, 2013). The social service people also have evidence of the abuse records in which the police can use to their advantage as well as collect their own evidence in the process. *
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