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Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

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  • on March 6, 2012
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Child Abuse and Neglect
Teri Hughes
January 9, 2012
Dr. Vineeta Kapoor

Child abuse and neglect has been a problem throughout the globe. Children are being hurt for no other reason than just being around, parents are not ready or able to be parents and the child suffers. Child abuse and neglect define into several definitions of action. There are many types of abuse and neglect and the repercussions can be life damaging for the victim. Some children learn to deal with abusive childhoods others may follow the pattern with his or her own children. There are many risks for children who had been abused so diagnosis and management is necessary. Protection and safeguarding children is not only a parental responsibility but also the responsibility of other care givers such as other family members, teachers and clergy members. These are people who deal with the children on more than an occasional meeting. Some adults have shared his and her stories of abuse and the feelings he and she felt at the time.
Child maltreatment can be explained as, many forms of physical and/or emotional treatment, sexual abuse, neglect and negligent treatment that results in potential or exact harm to a child’s well being and health (Pala, 2011, pg.1). Physical abuse is the act of intentionally using physical force on a child that results in harm or injury. Sexual abuse is involving a child in the act of sexual activity which can include touching, fondling and intercourse. This definition explains this is for children who do not fully understand or are unable to give consent. In most states age of consent is 16; however that does include forcible interaction when can be labeled as sexual assault.
Emotional and psychological abuse includes both incidents; this type of abuse is insulting, threatening, ridiculing and other forms of non-physical treatment. This abuse is all verbal and can damage a child’s self-esteem and emotional well being; being called names such as dumb,...

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