Child Abuse And Neglect Essay

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Deviant behaviours There is set of social features ,which provided to man to regulate his behavior according to that set of norms and values. Some of them in society fail to conform to these norms. Failure to conform to the traditional norms of the society is deviant behavior .According to Parsons ,there are two types of deviant behavior. A- firstly, he defines ,it as "motivated tendency for an actor to behave in a contravention of one or more institutionalized normative pattern." B- Secondly he defines it as "the tendency on the part of one or more of the component actors to behave in such a way to disturb the equilibrium .of interactive process," Various violence ,crimes and oppositions are examples of deviant behavior. This deviant behavior brings tensions, disorganization ,conflicts and presents new challenges in social system. Deviant behavior is term of comparative condition. In all societies it occurred in some extent. There is no society which is free from any deviant behavior. The meaning of normative system is changing according to need of society. There was time when disobeying the rules of caste was considered as deviant behavior, but now in age of equalization norms of caste are valueless .In short purposely violation of any law which exist in valuable place in society, called deviant behavior. Today, child abuse and neglect is widely recognized as a major social problem and policy issue in the United States and throughout much of the world. During the last 50 years, the United States and many of the world's nations have responded to child abuse and neglect with legislative efforts, a variety of programs and interventions, and organizational efforts to identify, respond to and prevent the abuse and neglect of dependent children. Today, there are innumerable local, national and international organizations, professional societies and advocacy

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