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Child Abuse Essay

  • Submitted by: rjmetsfan
  • on May 4, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Child Abuse" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Child Abuse is the mistreatment of children that can be physical, sexual, or emotional neglect. The CDC says that any “series of acts of commission by a caregiver that can be harmful or causes harm is child abuse.” The highest rate of child abuse comes from the home of the victim.
The four major types of child abuse is neglect, where the adult or guardian fails their duty by not providing the child with proper care. The second type of child abuse is physical which can be a result of the adult hitting, kicking, choking, etc. the most infamous way of physical abuse is shaking the infant or child, which can lead to shaken baby syndrome, a syndrome that can cause seizures, vomiting, or death. Sexual abuse is the third major type of child abuse. It is defined as any abuse that a guardian does for sexual stimulation. Sexual abuse of the child can destroy their future and has been said to be the hardest thing to deal with. 15-25% of all women and 5-15% of men were all abused sexually while kids. In about 65% of all cases the victim are familiar with their abuser, and in about 30% of all sexual abuse cases, victims are related to their abusers. The last type of abuse s described by Dr. Phil McGraw as the “hardest type of abuse to define”. Emotional abuse can be when somebody calls you a certain name or could even go to the point of mass humiliation in a workplace or school.
The worst thing that could possibly happen in an abuse case is the death of a child (egg in my case, R.I.P Huevos). 1,730 children in America died unfortunately in the year of 2008 caused by abuse. Child abuse is known to be well underrated. Abuse of children in America becomes more prevalent in African American girls every year. Their have been late movements and policies by the government to stop or decrease child abuse including: programs, meetings, laws and harsher sentences for abusers.
The effects of child abuse can lead to awful harm. Abuse can lead to PTSD, anxiety anorexia, awful self...

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