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Child Abuse Essay

  • Submitted by: kellypruccy99
  • on March 31, 2014
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Kelly Pru
Mr. Bozeman
AP English 11
November 9, 2012
Child Abuse
Child abuse is a huge problem in today’s world. Although there is outreach programs in certain places it is still a big threat. When people think about child abuse they think of a parent hitting a child. While this is true there are also many other forms of child abuse.
Overall the highest rated victims of abuse are infants aged from birth to one to two years (Domestic Violence). The rate of victims aged from birth to one is 21.9 per 1,000 children (Domestic Violence). More than forty-two percent of child abuse who died had not even turned one year old yet and more than three-quarters who were killed were under the age of four (Domestic Violence). Child abuse claimed 1,760 children in 2007 which is approximately five deaths per day (Domestic Violence).
One case occurred in 1993 (New York Times). A nanny abused a child so much that the ten month old died (New York Times). The parents suspected abuse but chose to ignore the signs because they trusted the nanny (New York Times). The twenty-six year old nanny was charged with second- degree murder (New York Times). It is said that she hit the child with a blunt object or her fist (New York Times). The child suffered skull fractures and slipped into a coma (New York Times). The ten-month old died a week later (New York Times).
Child abuse is not just physical attacks on small children. There are also deeper, even emotional attacks on teenagers and older children. One case involves a teenager that was sent from his Georgian home to Los Angles with two hundred dollars on his eighteenth birthday (KTLA News). He was so malnourished that he was mistaken for a twelve year old (KTLA News). After being discovered he told the police about his home life before his parents forced him to leave (KTLA News). He was taken out of school after the eighth grade and forced into solitude in his room and forced into disciplinary action for eight hours a day (KTLA...

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