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Child Abuse and the Indian Child Welfare Act CHAPTER 1 Description of Problem The Native American Tribes have faced many hardships throughout the years, but none as hard as the loss of their children to non-Indian families. In the early 1600’s Indian children were sent to white boarding schools to be properly educated. Through the period of 1958-1968, The Indian Adoption Project took Indian children and adopted them to non-Indian families, ignoring the fact that these children were losing touch with their Tribal Heritage. Throughout the early years the Department of Social Services was also removing Indian children from their families due to child abuse complaints. The majority of the complaints were founded concerns. Congress found that between the years of 1969 to 1974, 25 to 35 percent of all Indian children had been removed from their families and placed in a traditional foster or adoptive placement with no regard to that child’s native American roots. The placement of Indian children through Department of Social Services in non-Indian foster placements or adoptive is cultural genocide. These children lost their ties to their Native American culture. White Social workers were working with families on parenting issues without a knowledge of the families cultural needs. Statement of Purpose The purpose of this research project will show that the implementation of the Indian Child Welfare Act has helped bridge the cultural boundries between states and Native American tribes in the removal of their children by Department of Social Services. Setting the Problem To better understand the need for the Indian Child Welfare Act. We will look at the wrongful removals of Indian Children during the 14960’s and 1970’s as well as the Indian Adoption Project. This placed hundreds of Indian Children outside their culture without anyway to find their

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