Child Abuse Essay

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Child Abuse Child abuse is a serious problem for children today. Children who get abused, go through a lot, and suffer from neglect, physical, and sexual abuse. When a child gets abused it follows them in life, and they may become abusers themselves. Some research state that parents abuse their child because of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, mental illness, and stress. Many parents that abuse their children were also victims of child abuse themselves. When a child gets abused it’s a problem that ends up affecting the society. Abusive parents abuse their children for many reasons. They abuse their children either by taking drugs, drinking alcohol, and depression. Many researchers say that taking drugs cause child abuse because parents wouldn’t be able to control themselves or take care of their children. Alcohol abuse also plays a serious role in child abuse as well. One research state that when a parent gets drunk they will be unable to care of their children, make good decisions, and control dangerous impulses. Alcohol and drug abuse can lead children to physical abuse. The parents that suffer from alcohol and drug abuse made the wrong decisions in raising children. Another research explains how child abuse is a tough problem to deal with, but easy to notice. Child abuse can be noticed by many different problems that are happening in a child’s life. When a child doesn’t care, suffers from depression, and has loss of appetite they are noticed as being abused. Another way of knowing when a child is abuse is when the child is hungry and dresses poorly. There are a whole lot of specific problems that happen in a child’s life that can be noticed. A research states that suffering from child abuse also involves bruises, welts, and serious cuts. When a person notices a child being abused, they can save the child’s life, by ending the abuse the child had to deal with,

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