Child Abuse Essay

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Child Abuse Social problems are issues that occur in all societies, even in relatively isolated, sparsely populated areas, a group will encounter social problems. Social problems are hard to avoid, for example, people living in the same house will have conflicts. When social problems are mentioned people tend to refer to the problems that affect people living together in society. Social problems represent conditions that should not be allowed to continue because they are perceived to be problems for society, requiring society to react to them and find remedies. Child abuse is a major social problem in society today and there are currently many children on the Child Protection Registers. It is when children are not treated in a safe and proper manner. Lord Laming argues that, ‘Child protection must be given higher priority to protect vulnerable young people from abuse, a report has warned’. This shows that in the past child protection was not given the highest priority and abuse was not reported. This meant the rates of abuse were rising and not being dealt with. Someone may abuse or neglect a child by inflicting harm or by failing to prevent harm. There are different types of abuse such as, emotional, physical, sexual and neglect. Children are usually abused by someone in their immediate family circle or in an institutional or community setting. There are many signs and symptoms to identify child abuse. It is often a difficult task to identify child abuse, Social Workers and other professionals such as the Police have a primary and specialised role in protection, investigation, provision of services, treatment and rehabilitation. Child abuse is a serious social problem that occurs all over the world. This social issue needs to be looked at more closely as there is a lot of abuse towards children which professional’s don’t know about. This could mean Social

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