Child Abuse Essay

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Child Abuse Kayla Bruen ENGL 111-1CH Ivy Tech Community College December 8, 2011 Child Abuse I was abused by my stepfather. The first thing I remember happening is when I was 5 years old he use to rub my legs and tell me that my legs were too hairy. He would touch me in weird ways and then he started to take my pants off and do stuff. Everything else was blocked out until I was 13 and I realized I was being sexually abused. When I went to school one day I had met a new friend and I told her how I felt. She told me that I had to tell someone so I finally told someone at school so it was easier on my mother. He has been in prison for 5 years now and I will never have to worry about him coming home again! I eventually realized that I was being sexually, mentally, and physically abused. I thought it was normal at first then when I realized it was wrong, I told my friend, and then it made it easier to get help. I have been in counseling for a little over a year and it has been going really well. My family understands that I need to be alone sometimes. Without him there I didn't have to worry about what was going to happen when my mother walked out of the house and he lunged after me. I didn't have any more fears and I have been way more open to my mother. What helped me most was my friend, who changed my life - she ordered me to tell even though I wasn't quite sure that I was ready. I used to think it was my fault so I gained weight thinking that it would stop - but it didn't. My mother helps me get stronger and stronger every

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