Child Abuse Essay

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Child abuse is a common issue all around the world, especially in the United States. “Many children have died because of child abuse, about four children per day”(quote from Do Something). Although several ads have been seen in television and the Internet, thousands of children are still being abused by adults per day. The abuse scars the child over his or her entire life. “When the abused children grows up, the person will most likely be abusing his or her own child”(quote from “Child Abuse Facts”). Child abuse must be stopped before too many children are affected by this. Child abuse in general is “a severe case that cripples the important areas of life”(quote from “Child Abuse Facts”) and almost 900,000 children have been affected in 2005. Child abuse is the physical mistreatment of children. Abused children tend to do more poorly in school and increases the chance of the child dropping out. According to UNICEF, the United States and the United Kingdom are ranked lowest among the 1st countries with respect for the well-being of children. A cause of some cases of child abuse is the Cinderella effect (the child/children is/are victimized by step-parents). Abusive parents having children and stepchildren exclusively almost all the time. Children abused need to get help before the scars torture them for the rest of their life. There are four kinds of child abuse: emotional, neglect, physical, and sexual (not going to be covered in the paper for special reasons). In emotional abuse, the adult swears, yells, threatens, or accuses the child. “The child may become aggressive, depressed, a person who overeats, unwilling to go to school activities and plays, or uncaring”(quote from “Facts About Child Abuse”). Emotional abuse is one of the less common kinds of child abuse. This makes up

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