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Qualities of the applicant I am very energetic and motivated. I consider children very special and I love working with children from all cultures and backgrounds. I feel that by pushing the idea of having a diverse class, that the students themselves can potentially create a unique and enriching learning experience for themselves. The school and colleges I have studied contributed a lot in my effective communication skills. I am innovative and different in my ideas and also the way I execute it. I always try to keep and maintain a good relationship with the others. I have always been an extremely curious person, fascinated by people and nature and what makes it all tick. There is nothing, in my opinion, much more fascinating than a child. Watching them grow, develop and learn is one of the most humbling experiences a person can have. There is nothing quite like it to make you realize how precious life is. I am an individual who is filled with love, care and affection. In this ever developing world where people have no time to love or care for one another, even their offspring, and even to teach them the basics in life, what better field would I rather enjoy than education and care for children. It’s not easy to handle children but approaching them with love and affection can do wonders in making them right. Children are a blessing from God and molding them into good citizens is a greater challenge, which is why I’ve chosen Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care as my course of study in order to further educate myself on how to handle children, teach them through play and to understand their behaviors, moods, tantrums and difficulties so that I could set a good foundation in their lives by teaching them good values, habits, the science of life, numbers, language and more, so that right from the crucial formative stages they would be lead in the

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