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One-Child Policy I would like to talk about the One-Child Policy in China, which is translated as “family planning policy”. This is the population control policy and was introduced by Chinese government in 1979. This restricted the urban couples to have only one child. However, some people may have additional children in special cases, such as rural couples, ethnic minorities and couples who was an only child in their family. My opinion is this policy might be effective introduced and applied in 1979, because China faced several problems and issues regards society, economy and environment. There is not anyone know what China would happen or what China would like be nowadays if China did not apply this policy in 1979, and I think many people who do not agree with this policy because they may not know the real situation of China in 1980s. However, I suspect if China should still go on this policy nowadays because the situation changed and more consensus of human right issues are increasing among Chinese people. Certainly, we can see many parents have two or more children in China. They would be penalized based on their family income, and it is always two years family income. For example, for a one million dollars income family, they would give 2 million dollars penalty. In addition, the penalty increases by step and step, and it means the money would be double for the third child. The government calls this penalty social care because the additional child occupies the social resources, such as education and health care. Former President Zhou Enlai is a very smart man who was educated in Paris University in French and visited many countries. He thought the happiness in Chinese culture is people can live with their children and grandchildren, so the population of China would induce unlimitedly without control. Then he was worried about

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