Chief Seattle Essay

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The reaction of the article “The Land Is Sacred To Us” This article is about Chief Seattle , a native American, who is favored t o sell his land to the US government.The white man, he believes, wants to conquer the earth. They don’t understand that the earth is precious to all of us, the earth and the animals are our brothers. The red man thinks, their earth is sacred to us all. We have a common destiny. It is true that earth is sacred.We are part of the earth and it is part of us.The beasts, the trees, the mankind, they all share the same air. Our God is the same God, man cannot be exempt from the common destiny. Humans are not the dominators of the earth; on the contrary,the earth determines our fates. “If we perish our land,the buffalo will be all slaughtered, the wild horses will be tamed, the hills will be blotted by talking wires...” Everything on the earth will be gone and maybe it is the end of living and beginning of survival.We cannot buy friendship,love,our land with money. Once they are gone, they will never come back. We only have one earth, we should not contaminate it. We should share everything on the earth and make peace together. There should be no crime, no punishment, no evil...We live on the same land,we have the right to keep everything balanced, the same as it was before.We should try our best to protect the earth through little things .We should respect life and become conscious of environmental

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