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Captain G.A. Santulli, DC,USN Chief, Fixed Prosthodontics Naval Postgraduate School Bethesda, MD FIXED PROSTHODONTICS REVIEW DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT PLANNING CONCEPTS Diagnosis- A data collection process used to identify an existing diseased or abnormal condition, to investigate the condition and determine its cause. It is based on the gathered diagnostic information. Prognosis- A prediction of a probable development and outcome of a disease. It involves subjective probability and can be formulated using frequencies along with clinical experiences and evidenced-based clinical studies. ELEMENTS OF A DIAGNOSTIC WORKUP RECOGNITION OF NORMAL vs ABNORMAL I .History -Personal -Dental…show more content…
FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION OF MUSCLES FOR PAIN- You can not adequately evaluate the superior, inferior or medial lateral pteryergoids for myositis via palpation. ( Johnstone- “The feasibility of palpating the lateral pterygoid muscle” : JPD 44:3: 318, 1980. Okeson (3nd Edition): “Management of Temporomandibular Disorders and Occlusion.” pp. 245-250.) Functional manipulation by muscle: |MUSCLE |CONTRACTING |STRETCHING | |Inferior lateral pterygoid |Protruding against resistance, increases pain |Clenching on teeth, increases pain. | | | |Clenching on seperator, 0 pain | |Superior lateral pterygoid |Clenching on teeth, increases pain |Clenching on theeth, increases pain | | |Clenching on separator, increases pain |Clenching on separator, increases pain

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