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Johnny played as the Red Chief while he was being captive. The Red Chief has two buzzard tail feathers stuck in his red hair. He points a stick at Bill and said “Ha! Cursed paleface, do you dare to enter the camp of Red Chief…” The author also mentioned that the Red Chief will scalp Bill (the Old Hank) at daybreak and he will broil Sam (the Snake-eye) at the stake of the rising sun. These statements of the Red Chief, I think that he is a very territorial and dictatorial to his tribe. He doesn’t like anyone getting into his property. After reading the story and the biography of the author O. Henry, I noticed that the story resembles a bit of O. henry’s life. O. Henry lost his mother at the age of three that is why I think that there was no one to guide and discipline him in his younger years. Like Johnny the Red Chief, he is arrogant and mischievous kid maybe because he needs more discipline. I think that his father is a busy businessman that is why he never around for Johnny to discipline and guide him, play with him and support him in his childhood. In the story, Sam and Bill had money problem that’s why they kidnapped Johnny. Like O. Henry, he also had money problem that is why he went to jail for stealing. O. Henry must have been thinking the same way like Sam and Bill were thinking, not just because O. Henry wrote the story but also the same situation that they thought that they will get away after committing a crime. O. Henry was a prolific American short-story writer, a master of surprise endings, who wrote about the life of ordinary people in New York City. A twist of plot, which turns on an ironic or coincidental circumstance, is typical of O. Henry's stories. I think that every author of different books and story have their own styles and techniques. I would say that O. Henry or a professional in the field of literature or history are the only person who

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