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Task 1 and Task 3 The current legislation for home based childcare are: Childcare Act 2006 -this act lays out registration and inspection arrangements,providing for an integrated education and care framework for the Early Years and general childcare registers.The Early Years Register and General Childcare Register provide a nregulatory framework for childcare the act. Children Act 2004-identified as the most influential law for home-base childcare,it outlines that the general function of the Act it's for the Children's Commissioner to be concerned in particular with the views and interest of childrens so far as relating to the fallowing aspects; -To allow children to nbe health -Allowing children to remain safe in their enviroments -helping children to enjoy life -Assist children in their quest to succeed -Help make a contribution -a positive contribution -to the lives of children -Help archieve economic stability for our children's futures These six outcomes for children are recognised as the overarching aim of the Early Years Fundation Stage,namely the the Every Child Matters outcomes of staying safe,being healthly,enjoying and archiving,making a positive contribution,and archieving economic well-being Data Protection Act 1998 -it protects sensitive personal date being without a person's consent.Where children are involved consent has to be given by parents or guardian Equality Act 2010 -This Act replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single act to make the law simpler and to remove inconsistencies.The act covers nine protected characteristics.The characteristics applying to home-base childcare included disability,race,religion or belief and gender. Food Safety Regulation 1995 -require that you consider three areas of your business - the layout of the premises; the requirements for the rooms where foodstuffs are

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