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Why I want to be a nurse By: Stephanie Olivas The functions of the human body and the effects of the environment, drugs, and genetics on humans never failed to catch my high interest; therefore, I inclined toward a career that included these interests. Yet, at the same time, I strongly desired to make a difference in people's lives. This was one of the reasons why I obtained a Bachelors degree in Psychology to help at-risk youth and the mentally ill. When it comes to the healthcare field, most assume that a physician is the ideal way of benefiting society and themselves. However, for me, my interests inspired me to pursue a nursing career because of my daughter who at age 13 was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and my father who had passed away from Cancer. Through the years I have seen the wonderful care of the doctors and nurses at UCLA hospital that took care of my father and who takes care of my daughters (JRA). This is what inspired me to get into the nursing field so that I can help those patients with various illnesses, my ultimate goal after the LVN program is to receive my RN to BSN degree and work at UCLA hospital. With the current shortage of nurses, this is where I would like to help in total patient care. Patients will receive the best care if the nurses are able to pay thorough attention to each and every patient. I wish to alleviate some of that pressure placed on nurses by becoming a nurse myself and provide my best service to each patient. Nurses are the next professionals after doctors that people go to for medical assistance, and as a nurse, I will be able provided numerous opportunities to give that needed help and positively influence individuals' lives every day, whether it be by being a good listener and holding someone’s hand because they are scared because of their diagnosis or providing

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