Chicken or Egg? Essay

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The Egg Containing A Chicken Came Before The Chicken Have you ever asked a question and wanted an answer so bad, but you couldn’t just figure it out? Or maybe you come across some lucky number like pi, and it just goes on forever and ever. Some people believe that a child is never too young to get his or her first dose of logical and scientific reasoning. However, a child with such curiosity and intellectual maturity to ask a question like “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” is probably ready for a valuable lesson in biology. The question itself may sound like an easy no-brainer, but, you should think well about it before answering the question because chances are, you’re going to be stuck in a circle. This whimsical yet simple question invites us to think a whole lot about the correct sequence, stretching back in time; is it the chicken that came first? No wait the egg! Chicken? Egg? Science does in fact have an answer to the paradox, a question without an answer, an infinite conundrum. In this essay, I aim to prove why the egg came before the chicken. At first glance, the question “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” seems like a question with an absolute answer, but before you start, we will have to define our terms and what you mean by “chicken or “egg”. There are different versions and scenarios; we know that “chicken” is just really a regular chicken, we know know what it looks and tastes like, so the “chicken” part of each scenario is clarified. The “egg”, however, can be considered in many different ways. By “egg”, you could mean (1) just any old egg, (2) an egg laid by a chicken, or (2a) an egg containing a chicken. With these different cases, there are 3 possible versions of chicken-or-egg questions. 1. Which came first, the chicken or (just any) egg? 2. Which came first, the chicken or an egg laid by a chicken? 2a. Which came

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