Chicken of the Sea

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| Chicken of the Sea case study | | Question 1-Discuss the consumer decision making process for a product such as canned/packaged tuna and the response hierarchy model this is most likely to be applicable in the purchase of this product. Answer 1: Unlike a product like car which involves high involvement from the consumer pre-purchase, packaged tuna is a product that can be bought instantly either as a reaction to try it after viewing an attractive advertisement or because the person is a usual consumer of tuna. There is no much decision making involved in especially in cases of food items like these that are usually inexpensive and readily available. A typical consumer response model for packaged tuna would be the Innovation adoption model and it could work as described below:- a) Awareness - The consumer could gain awareness of the product either through a commercial, coupon offers or other promotional techniques used by the company. In this case an example for awareness could be the company publicity caused by Jessica Simpson through her show while she was shown eating the tuna by Chicken of the Sea. This is the only step from the cognitive stage that is necessary for the customer to know about the product. b) Interest: Considering this case a customer could show interest in the product due to several reasons. If he/she likes both chicken and tuna there can be a motivation to try the product out. Sometimes the catchy advertisement with the mermaid is enough to stir an interest in a consumer. Consumers who like trying different products before sticking to one may also show an interest in one of the famous brands like Chicken of the Sea. The consumer may also usually seek more information when they are interested in a product but fame of a brand can sometimes eliminate that part as it becomes a curiosity to experience it especially if it is a

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